Sending Feedback about Feren OS

Where can you send feedback about Feren OS?

The best way to send feedback about Feren OS is through the “Send Feedback or Report an Issue” application, which can be found in the following places:

  • The Desktop (until you delete it from the desktop)
  • Applications Menu ‣ System / Administration ‣ Send Feedback or Report an Issue


For those curious, these shortcuts are provided by a package called ‘feren-feedback’.

Once you have opened the shortcut, your favourite browser (Vivaldi by default) will open up to the Feedback Center. From here you can choose one of three options:

  • Report a bug in Feren OS (something is happening that shouldn’t be happening in Feren OS, such as a glitch, that you’re sure isn’t an intentional feature)
  • Report a package dependency issue (this is for packages that say Not Available in Store and when installed through Terminal result in an error stating that “You have held broken packages”)
  • Contact me or submit a Feren OS Review (this is pretty self-explanatory)

When you’ve made your decision, click the item corresponding to what you want to do. That item will then expand out to show the ways you can go about doing the task you want to do. Click the big button underneath the suggestion for completing the task you want to do to get started with your providing feedback.

Once you’re done, click the appropriate button to send your feedback and it’ll be submitted to me. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll get to it whenever I can.


Don’t forget that I do have a busy life and, in the case of the website’s contact form, have to sift through barrages of NSFW link spam to find legitimate entries, currently.

If you’re responsible for that aforementioned spam, please stop. Not only are you (at the time of writing) basically sending NSFW stuff to a minor but it also gets in the way of me reading actual messages from good-hearted people. Furthermore, if you’re going to send that stuff I just won’t look at it (I never do to be honest when I see what the message body says) and you’ll just be put on a personal blacklist permanently.