Customising your Lock Screen

General Lock Screen settings

The main thing to customise, for the lock screen, is the general lock screen settings.

In Feren OS you can go into System Settings ‣ Screen Locking to do so.

In Feren OS Classic you can go into System Settings ‣ Screensaver to do so.


The rest of this guide does not support Feren OS Classic.

Changing the lock screen background

Changing the Lock Screen background is pretty easy to do. From System Settings ‣ Screen Locking you’ll find a Appearance tab. Click on that tab and you’ll be given a wallpaper selector for the lock screen. Simply select the background you want, click Apply and then Lock to see your new background in action.

The background picker works just like it does for setting desktop backgrounds so if you are familiar with the desktop background settings you’ll be right at home with the Lock Screen settings.

More tweaks you can do to the lock screen

There are a few more tweaks you can do to the lock screen if you would like to. The most important fundamental thing you can change is the overall lock screen appearance itself. Global Themes control what lock screen is used and can even go as far as bundling their own overall lock screen themes. This means applying certain Global Themes such as Breeze, Breeze Dark and third-party Global Themes from the Get New Global Themes… area can change the way the lock screen looks entirely (excluding the background).

Finally, each lock screen theme from Global Themes can supply their own settings for the user to be able to change. These settings can be found right above the lock screen background picker in the Appearance tab. The default lock screen themes let you toggle Media controls (the media player controls on the lock screen when music or video is playing), for instance.