Writing the ISO to a DVD in Linux

Linux (and Feren OS) instructions

Burning your Feren OS ISO file to a DVD using Linux or Feren OS depends on the Operating System. In Ubuntu and Feren OS’s cases there is no disc burner installed, so you’ll need to install it first.

You can get some great disc burners from the Store in Feren OS or Software in other Linux-based Operating Systems. This tutorial will make use of Brasero, however other disc burners include K3b and Xfburn.

Once you have a disc burner installed, the instructions for flashing your Feren OS ISO to your DVD Disc using Brasero are as follows (other burning software should have a similar burning process):

  1. Insert the empty DVD Disc in your computer’s DVD Drive
  2. Open Brasero
  3. On the left of Brasero, click Burn image
  4. On the dialog that appears click on Select disc image to write and open up your Feren OS ISO file in the next dialog
  5. Select the DVD you want to burn the ISO file to if it is not already selecting the correct DVD Disc.
  6. Click Burn on that dialog and let Brasero burn your Feren OS ISO file onto that DVD Disc.

Next Steps

This process may take a while, but once you are done you can move on to the next step: