Common Program Replacements

Why Common Program Replacements are important

When you are going to a new Operating System and have specialist software on your old Operating System that you rely on, you will find that replacements for these programs are a requirement for re-completing your workflow on Feren OS. Most programs, fortunately, are available on Feren OS right away, however you may find some programs are not.

Examples of applications that support Feren OS

Before I mention some Common Program Replacements, I’d like to start off mentioning the most prominent examples of programs supporting Feren OS:

  • Google Chrome (available in Store)
  • Mozilla Firefox (available in Store)
  • Vivaldi (pre-installed)
  • Opera (available in Web Browser Manager)
  • Brave (available in Web Browser Manager)
  • Chromium (available in Store)
  • Skype (available in Store)
  • Slack (available in Store)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Discord (available in Store)
  • Telegram (available in Store)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (available in Store)
  • LibreOffice (available in Store)
  • TeamViewer
  • Python (pre-installed)
  • Visual Studio Code (available in Store)
  • VLC (pre-installed)
  • Audacity (available in Store)
  • Spotify (available in Store)
  • HandBrake (available in Store)
  • Dropbox (available in Store)
  • Krita (available in Store)
  • Blender (available in Store)
  • GIMP (available in Store)
  • Inkscape (available in Store)
  • OBS Studio (available in Store)
  • Google Earth (available in Store)
  • Steam (available in Store)
  • Plex
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox (available in Store)
  • VMWare Workstation and Player

There are very likely way more applications that can be listed here, however this list should show the brunt of important software that is already available on Feren OS.

Examples of Common Program Replacements

Now, for the Common Program Replacements.

  • Microsoft Office can be replaced with: LibreOffice, WPS Office, OnlyOffice and more in Store
  • Microsoft Edge can be replaced with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi, Chromium, etc.


Microsoft has officially announced that a Linux version of Microsoft Edge is coming soon. Once they have released their Linux version this page will be updated to remove this entry and put it as a supported program above instead.

  • Microsoft Outlook and Mail can both be replaced with Geary (pre-installed) and other email clients
  • Photoshop can be replaced by GIMP and Krita
  • PDF Readers can be replaced by Okular (pre-installed) and Evince/Document Viewer (Classic pre-installed)
  • iTunes can be replaced by Rhythmbox (available in Store)
  • Remote Desktop Connection can be replaced by Reminna (available in Store)
  • Screen Recorders can be replaced by SimpleScreenRecorder (available in Store) and OBS Studio
  • Calendar can be replaced by Calendar (pre-installed)
  • 7-Zip, WinRAR, and so on can be replaced by Ark (pre-installed) and File Roller/Archive Manager (Classic pre-installed)
  • System Restore and Time Machine can both be replaced by Timeshift (pre-installed)
  • Maps can be replaced by Maps (pre-installed)
  • Snipping Tool, Snip & Sketch and Screenshot can be replaced by Spectacle (pre-installed) and Screenshot (Classic pre-installed)
  • Rainmeter can be replaced with Conky… and just standard widgets on the desktop (unless you are using Feren OS Classic in which case only Conky is a truly adequate replacement due to 3rd-party support when compared to Cinnamon Desklets)

There are very likely even more examples of common program replacements that I have missed. If you know of any be sure to let me know via social media.

Either way, this should give you a good idea on most of the applications you can use in Feren OS or use as replacements for ones you can’t use in Feren OS.