Extra tips for NVIDIA users

Adding the Optimus Indicator

Certain NVIDIA Hardware comes with NVIDIA Optimus support, which means you can have 2 or more Graphics Cards and are able to freely change between them on supported Operating Systems. Feren OS is able to make use of a program that can switch between these Graphics Cards at any time as long as you are willing to log out and back in each time to do so.

Feren OS Classic already pre-includes similar functionality in the form of an applet that you can add in System Settings ‣ Applets.

However, for Feren OS you will need to install it first. To do this, open the Store and search for “Mate-optimus” (without the quotes). When you’ve found “Mate-optimus” install it and then you should see the NVIDIA logo appear in the System Tray (set of indicator icons at the right-side of the panel) on the next time you log in.

If you can see the NVIDIA logo in the System Tray, click it to see the options for switching graphics cards at any time.


If you do not see the NVIDIA logo in the System Tray after installing this tool and logging out and in again then either you haven’t got the necessary NVIDIA drivers in Driver Manager or your machine doesn’t have NVIDIA Optimus support.